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wedding planning from a man's perspective

As a man, I know next to nothing about planning a wedding. My fiancée and I agreed that we would work together to plan our wedding. She provided me with a long list of things that I was to do independently, a list that she was going to take care of, and a list that we would work on together. The minute she handed me these three sheets of paper, I knew that we were in for a long six months. That was when I started talking to her about hiring someone to help us with the planning of our wedding. Visit our blog to find out how we worked together with a planner to make our day the best it could be.

3 Tips To Make Your Wedding Reception Extra Special

If you are in the middle of planning your wedding reception, you want to make sure that you take the necessary steps to make your wedding reception extra special. The key to a great wedding reception is to create the right atmosphere.

Have a Fun First Dance

With your first dance, you can really set the tone for your wedding. If you want to have a fun, spirited wedding where the guests get up and dance, you need to set the tone to start with. It's fine to start with a nice and romantic dance, but wrap things up with something that is more energetic and fun. Pick one of your favorite up-beat songs and choreography a little dance to it. This will help your guests transition from more of a romantic mode to a fun mode and will help get the party started at your wedding.

Break up Dinner

You don't have to go with the traditional dinner buffet or three course meal. You could set up stations where guests can put together food that fits their flavor preference, like a grilled cheese station or a taco station or a pasta station. Stations where guests get to choose their own toppings allow you to cater to all of your guest's individual food needs and tastes.

Or, if you want to go more the sit down course, change things up. Don't serve the normal salad, entrée and dessert. Instead, do five smaller courses of fun and playful foods. In between each course, wrap in a fun wedding element, such as a toast, a reading or a special dance or song. This will make dinner flow smoothly and feel more engaging for your guests.

Provide Entertainment for the Kids

Be sure to include kids in your wedding reception venue plans. Kids may be a little unpredictable, but they bring a pure joy to weddings that is hard to create in another way. Don't be surprised if some of your best and most dedicated dancers at your wedding are the little ones.

However, you should also have some other activities arranged for the kids to do when the dance floor is not active. It can be as simple as providing crayons and coloring pages for all the kids in attendance, or having a few fun toys or games for the kids to enjoy.

When you plan your wedding reception, make sure that you get creative with dinner, have a fun first dance that gets the party started, and make sure to provide some extra entertainment for the kids at your wedding.