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wedding planning from a man's perspective

As a man, I know next to nothing about planning a wedding. My fiancée and I agreed that we would work together to plan our wedding. She provided me with a long list of things that I was to do independently, a list that she was going to take care of, and a list that we would work on together. The minute she handed me these three sheets of paper, I knew that we were in for a long six months. That was when I started talking to her about hiring someone to help us with the planning of our wedding. Visit our blog to find out how we worked together with a planner to make our day the best it could be.

Four Things To Look For In A Venue

Whether you are planning a business gathering, wedding, or general party, you will want to take a close look at the venue. Sometimes, when looking at a venue, you can become overwhelmed by the appearance of the venue. It's easy to overlook all of the little details when you are in awe of the beauty of the venue itself. Here are four things you also need to be paying attention to:

  1. Transportation: First, you need to consider how your guests will be arriving. Do they need to arrive via a group bus because there is no other access? If so, then it's not ideal if you have a large guest count unless you can get multiple buses in route. If they are driving in their own vehicles, is there enough convenient parking for everyone? All of this needs to be considered for the convenience of your guests and you especially need to consider the special needs of certain guests. For example, if there's someone in a wheelchair or who uses crutches or a walker, you want to be sure that they can arrive comfortably. 
  2. Table Arrangement: If there are going to be table setups, you want to consider how they can be arranged. Typically, for corporate events, you want standing tables that allow everyone to walk around and talk with one another or you want one large table or a few long rectangular tables if there will be a presentation. You want to be sure that the venue can accommodate for the placement of the tables that you need. 
  3. The Breakdown: Every venue is going to differ in the cleanup process. Some will require that you do some of the breakdown in order to avoid a cleanup fee while others do it all themselves. You will want to know what the case will be for you so that you have a plan for the breakdown afterwards if you need to stick around with a few others to get it done. 
  4. The Services: Finally, you want to consider all of the other services that are available with this venue. For example, are there restrooms available? Or will you need to rent portable ones? You also want to consider what the lighting and sound will be like, especially if you plan to have a DJ or presentation. 

When you look at these four different things, you are more likely to pick a venue that is going to work best instead of one that is just overwhelming beautiful, but doesn't provide what you need. For more information, contact companies like Events By Nichole.