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wedding planning from a man's perspective

As a man, I know next to nothing about planning a wedding. My fiancée and I agreed that we would work together to plan our wedding. She provided me with a long list of things that I was to do independently, a list that she was going to take care of, and a list that we would work on together. The minute she handed me these three sheets of paper, I knew that we were in for a long six months. That was when I started talking to her about hiring someone to help us with the planning of our wedding. Visit our blog to find out how we worked together with a planner to make our day the best it could be.

5 Amazing Homemade Wedding Dresses Created On A Budget

Although it feels good to try on lavish wedding dresses and pick the most flattering design, budgets may not always allow that experience. However, that doesn't mean that you cannot feel good about how you look on your wedding day. The following five women created their own wedding dresses from scratch using low cost materials and tools.

Long And Delicate Crocheted Frock

Crocheting is a delicate art form that allows you to make a number of versatile designs. You can stitch thin stockings, heavy blankets or even a lacey wedding dress. A Seattle woman did just that by capitalizing on her free time riding the bus. She created her wedding dress by repeating the stylish pineapple stitch pattern from shoulders to ankles, and then added a thin slip underneath. In the end, the materials only cost thirty dollars and the only tools she needed were her fingers and small crochet hook.

Short and Sassy With A Detachable Train

A bit of inspiration along with tight finances encouraged another ingenious bride to sew her wedding dress from scratch. Even though the bride had never sewn a dress before this project, she performed all of the work herself from the pattern-making process to the final embellishments. Despite the lack of formal sewing training, several mock muslin dresses ensured the final product fit like a dream. Since dancing was the #1 activity of the night, she made sure the train would easily detach from the short dress seam as needed.

Perfectly Fit Traditional Garb

Although the pull of designer dresses tugged on this Birmingham bride's heartstrings, a set budget and precise vision jump-started the dressmaking process. She had a bit of a head start since the design process started as a young girl. However, pulling together the bride and bridesmaids dresses involved accenting all of the gowns with beading performed by hand. Everything from the veil to the shoes closely followed the bride's planned theme of luscious cream and rich green tones.

Stitched Together From Balls of Yarn

As the wedding was only the first step in a long series of life events, this English couple decided to do the entire wedding using less than five thousand pounds. This meant the bride needed to use her knitting skills to make herself a beautiful dress out of 200 pounds worth of material.

Since she owns her own knitting supply shop, it was easy to procure the materials for the dress. She used her trusty pair of knitting needles to bust out the 100,000 stitches required to create the floor length gown. A solid slip underneath completed the look and make the dress look amazingly elegant.

Colorful Wool Knit Gown

Breaking out of the mold created by social ideals was important for this Scottish bride. To do so, she harnessed her knitting skills to create a gown covered in all of the colors of the rainbow.

The unique creation used a combination of soft materials, like wool, silk and cotton. As a result, the dress was comfortable to wear throughout the celebration. This is quite unlike traditional wedding gowns, which are often taken off after dancing at the reception.

The low cost materials were easy to come by since this bride also runs her own yarn store. The dress currently acts as a display in the yarn shop to show others how they can use their skills to create anything imaginable.

Finding Your Perfect Look

If you do not have the time, energy or skills to create your own wedding dress, ask your favorite supplier about bargain dresses on their racks. Many wedding supply depots have simple, yet elegant dresses available for clients on a budget. You can add gorgeous shoes, jewelry and other accessories to jazz up the dress considerably. Pick out a flattering hairdo and makeup style to complete your wedding day look.