Wedding Planning from a Man's Perspective

Deciding To Elope: Consider These Don’ts Before You Say “I Do”

The decision to elope can be very freeing and exhilarating. Instead of spending months or even longer planning a large wedding, complete with a fancy reception for your family and friends, you can choose to start your marriage with a ceremony for just you and your spouse. Sometimes obstacles come up during the elopement process that take couples by surprise. Be prepared for what your decision has in store for you be checking out this list of things that you should not do. 1. Don’t depend on a positive response from everyone. It can definitely hurt if your closest family members and friends are less than thrilled with your decision to run off to get married, whether you do it locally or far away from home. Prepare for this in advance by being aware of the possibility that your announcement might be met with silence or shock, rather than joy and good wishes. Of course, the initial sting should wear off at some point in the near future; at this point, you should expect support and happiness, in most cases. 2. Don’t forget to look into the legalities of eloping in your destination state or country. In most cases, you cannot simply show up at your venue of choice on a whim and be married. Some states require blood tests or a waiting period. If you want to get married in Las Vegas, a popular destination for couples wanting to elope, you need to go to the courthouse with appropriate identification in advance of your wedding.  3. Don’t neglect to arrange for photos. Even if you are purposely being spontaneous, you are absolutely going to want to look back at photos sometime in the future, plus your friends and family will want to see them. Many wedding chapels will handle this for you, so be sure to ask. If not, ask around to find a local photographer who is available for your wedding. Another option is to ask a friend or witness to take photos for you. Whatever you do, be sure to commemorate the occasion with photos. 4. Don’t announce your elopement on social media before you let the important people know. Your parents, siblings and best friends do not want to read about your huge news on your social media pages. Plan how and when you plan to break the news. Some couples choose to call right before […]

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An Acrostic Poem Guide To Planning A Small Chapel Wedding

Even small weddings can be hard to plan. Once you have found the perfect wedding chapel, you have to consider seating, overbooking, and all the details you want to include in your wedding. Adding these details to a small space can be challenging and some sacrifices may need to be made. Instead of stressing over every last detail, use the following acrostic poem guide of the phrase “Small Chapel.” Each step will help you plan out the small wedding and give you tips to consider. Seating limits are important to follow. You may have the ability to offer standing room seats, but many chapels have a limit that must be followed due to safety regulations and fire codes. One way to cut back on guests is not allowing invited people to bring an extra guest. Make sure you visit wedding chapels in person before booking the location. Seeing a chapel in person is a lot different than looking at pictures or videos online. It can also help spark creative output for the wedding planning. Amazing light: Smaller chapels have the ability to create some amazing lighting situations from natural windows. View the chapel at different times of the day to see how natural light flows in. You can also hire professional lighting for up-lighting or mood lighting across the chapel walls. Limit bridesmaids and groomsmen to two per spouse. Large parties can take up a ton of space and create logistic problems as you set up the ceremony. Eliminating the parties all together can also help remove any drama or hurt feelings about not being selected. Openly communicate with friends and family to explain your wishes so they understand. Length of dress: When booking a small wedding chapel, consider the length of your dress and ways that it could cause a problem in a small chapel. If you’re wearing a dress that doesn’t hang low or spread out far you will have an easier time moving through aisles and turning multiple directions. Choosing floral arrangement: Smaller bouquets and vases can still add a romantic touch without overwhelming the room. Get the flowers that you love, just request smaller arrangements. This can also help you save money on the ceremony. Hanging decorations: Make the room come alive without compromising space. With permission from the chapel, you can hang ribbons, flowers, and a number of other small decorations to add to the […]

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