wedding planning from a man's perspective

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wedding planning from a man's perspective

As a man, I know next to nothing about planning a wedding. My fiancée and I agreed that we would work together to plan our wedding. She provided me with a long list of things that I was to do independently, a list that she was going to take care of, and a list that we would work on together. The minute she handed me these three sheets of paper, I knew that we were in for a long six months. That was when I started talking to her about hiring someone to help us with the planning of our wedding. Visit our blog to find out how we worked together with a planner to make our day the best it could be.

5 Ways to Help Guests Avoid Breaking the Bank at Your Destination Wedding

As you plan your destination wedding, you're no doubt trying to keep the costs of your big day from getting outside the budget. What can you do to help your guests avoid breaking the bank as they celebrate with you at your fabulous wedding venue? Here are five ways you can help keep everyone's budget happy. Negotiate Rooms. If you are spending money on a wedding venue at a resort or hotel, you can likely use that leverage to negotiate a better rate on rooms for your guests. Read More 

Deciding To Elope: Consider These Don’ts Before You Say “I Do”

The decision to elope can be very freeing and exhilarating. Instead of spending months or even longer planning a large wedding, complete with a fancy reception for your family and friends, you can choose to start your marriage with a ceremony for just you and your spouse. Sometimes obstacles come up during the elopement process that take couples by surprise. Be prepared for what your decision has in store for you be checking out this list of things that you should not do. Read More 

An Acrostic Poem Guide To Planning A Small Chapel Wedding

Even small weddings can be hard to plan. Once you have found the perfect wedding chapel, you have to consider seating, overbooking, and all the details you want to include in your wedding. Adding these details to a small space can be challenging and some sacrifices may need to be made. Instead of stressing over every last detail, use the following acrostic poem guide of the phrase "Small Chapel." Each step will help you plan out the small wedding and give you tips to consider. Read More 

5 Amazing Homemade Wedding Dresses Created On A Budget

Although it feels good to try on lavish wedding dresses and pick the most flattering design, budgets may not always allow that experience. However, that doesn't mean that you cannot feel good about how you look on your wedding day. The following five women created their own wedding dresses from scratch using low cost materials and tools. Long And Delicate Crocheted Frock Crocheting is a delicate art form that allows you to make a number of versatile designs. Read More